English Literature - Unit 1 - OMAM - Slim

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  • He is the most respected man on the ranch. Everyone looks up to him. 
  • George and Lennie meet all the main people on the ranch, including Curley, his wife and Slim, in chapter two.
  • In chapter three, George chats to Slim. We find out a bit more about George and Lennie's background and what happened in Weed.
  • In chapter three, Curley starts a fight with Lennie. Lennie crushes Curley's hand, but Slim convinces Curley to say it got caught in a machine.
  • Carlson shows respect to Slim by letting him leave the bunk house first when they go to get food. 
  • Slim seems different. He's interested in the new arrivals - he looks "kindly" at George and Lennie. Everyone else has made George jumpy and defensive, but Slim's presence is calming.
  • George opens up to Slim
  • George relaxes and talks to slim. We learn a lot about his relationship with Lennie
  • It's clear that Lennie wouldn't have been able to survive without someone looking after him - George says he "cant think of nothing to do himself" and Slim notices that he's "jes' like a kid".
  • It's only when Slim agrees that the dog should be killed that Candy accepts its fate. This emphasises the authority that Slim has on the ranch.
  • When Lennie crushes Curley's hand, Slim takes control of the situation and persuades Curley to say his hand was crushed in a machine.
  • Curley is unwilling to touch his dead wife. It's Slim who touches her. Slim is usually efficient and businesslike, but with Curley's wife he "felt her wrist", rather than taking her pulse, and he "touched her cheek" and "explored her neck".
  • Slim's actions are very tender. This might be emphasising Slim's authority as the 'spiritual leader' of the men, and his gentleness contrasts with Lennie's sudden violence. It also implies that Slim may have felt affection for Curley's wife. 
  • After George has shot Lennie, Slim knows straight away what's really happened and he comforts George.
  • Slim is the most respected man on the ranch. All the other characters listen to him and follow his judgements. However, despite his authority, Slim is powerless to stop the tragic events of the story from happening.
  • Slim is an excellent and respected worker.
  • He's a "jerkline skinner" (he controls a team of mules) - a…


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