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  • OMAM: Revision
    • Crooks, lives next to horses, treated like an animal, black and disabled, lived on his Father's chicken ranch- could achieve his dreams, he is intelligent- not stereotypical
    • George, looks after Lennie, called Curley's wife a '*****', kills Lennie- knows it is the only way, clever, shares a dream with Lennie
    • Curley, boxer, arrogant, boss, newly-married, cheating on his wife, has hand crushed by Lennie, crushed dreams
    • Candy, old, dog is killed- theme of death, has no hope, hates Curley's wife, wanted to help George and Lennie achieve their dreams
    • Curley's wife, treated with no respect, is lonely, had dreams of being an actress, flirtatious, wears red- dangerous and sexual
    • Slim, natural leader, mysterious, too good to be true?,understa-nds the relationship between Lennie and George





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