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  • Characters continued ..
    • Slim
      • Slim is the most respected man on the ranch. Everyone looks up to him.
      • Theme - Women
        • Slim isn't intimidated by Curley's wife. He gives her the attention she's so desperate for by commenting on her appearance. This also shows that he's not afraid of Curley.
      • Theme - Prejudice
        • Slim is the first character to Crooks by hid name instead of "******" or "stable buck". He treats him with more respect than the other characters do
      • Slim is ...
        • Respected: "his word was taken on any subject"
        • Mysterious: "understanding beyond thought
        • Godlike: "calm, Godlike eyes".
      • Slim is practical and wise, but he's also got a sympathetic side - he understands why George is so upset about Lennie
    • Crooks
      • Theme - Loneliness
        • Crooks hides his loneliness   by being proud and aloof. He tries to show that it doesn't affect him, but Steinbeck makes it clear to the reader that it does.
      • Theme - Prejudice
        • Steinbeck is showing how black people are usually treated in American in the 1930s because he is the only black man.
      • Crooks is ...
        • Proud: "a proud, aloof man"
        • Cynical: "Nobody never gets to heaven, and nobody gets non land."
        • Vulnerable: "I could get you strung up on a tree so easily it ain't even funny."
      • Crooks is a crippled man who's picked on because he's black. He's very bitter about life.
    • Candy
      • Candy is ...
        • Old: "lously ol' sheep"
        • Weak: "When they can me here I wisht somebody'd shoot me."
        • One-handed: "I ain't much good with on'y one hand"
      • Theme - Prejudice
        • Candy suffers prejudice because of his age and his disability
      • Theme - Destiny
        • Candy's an example of depressing destiny that all the other, younger ranch hands face.
      • Crooks is  an old, one-handed rancher who sweeps the bunk house. He has an old, smelly dog.
    • Carlson and Whit
      • Carlson is ...
        • Aggresive: "You come for me, an' I'll kick your God damn head off
        • Insensitive: "Now, what the hell ya suppose is eating' them two guys?"
      • Whit is ...
        • Young: "A young labouring man".
        • Fun-loving: "Well, a guy got to have some sun sometime".
      • Theme - Destiny
        • Whit represents what George could become without Lennie and their dream Fram


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