English Lit - Death of a Naturalist

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Death of a Naturalist


  • It focuses on his experience of collecting and watching frogspawn as a child, and his reaction when the spawn turned into frogs.
  • In the first ten lines of the poem Heaney uses vivid imagery to describe the setting and its sights, smell and sounds.
  • Lines fifteen to twenty-one are a very childlike account of how the schoolteacher, Miss Walls, taught Heaney's class about frogs and frog spawn.
  • In the second stanza, the ideas of the child in the poem change, he loses his interest in nature and now sees it as unappealing.


  • Both Stanza's begin ominously, dramatic language increases fear and anticipation of event.

  • Semantic fields: War and Weapons – childlike imagination and fear

  • Child like…



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