Storm On The Island



Seamus Heaney 

He was a Northern Irish poet born in 1939 and died in 2013. Heaney's early poetry was centered around rural life and identity. 'Storm on the Island' was orginally published in Heaney's 'Death of a Naturalist', which was written about the Aran Islands and portrayed the power of nature.


The structure reflects the uncontrolable power of nature. The one long stanza is made of long, complex sentences that lack breaks, which reflects the overwhelming situation. There is no time to stop just like the storm.

The use of enjambament creates a constant barrage of information like the constant attack of nature.

Blank Verse- Lines of iambic pentameter with no rhyme. 10 syllables per line.

The controlled structure regarding the iambic pentameter is used to take tradition and put in Irish heritage with the use of every day Irish sayings…


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