English Language - Informative Texts

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If the purpose of a text is to inform you, the writer's aim is to pass on knowledge to you as clearly and effectively as possible. Informative texts have lots of facts and usually a straightforward style.

Informative Writing Tells You something

Informative texts give the reader facts and information. This could be:

  • what has happened - e.g. a bank statement or a history book
  • what will or might happen - e.g. a weather forecast
  • to advertise something - e.g. a magazine advert or brochure
  • something you might need to know - e.g. a TV guide or travel guide

Informative writing can be used simply to help the reader understand something, as in a school textbook.

But information can be sneakily used to give an opinion on something - e.g. a newspaper may carefully pick information that supports a particular political party. Even though a newspaper article may not outright what its opinion is, it can still be biased.

Informative writing


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