English Language Exam Tips

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Section A

Question 1 - 

12 mintues writing 5 mintues reading
- Testing your understanding of texts 
- Be perceptive and go beyond simple understanding 
- Look for sublitittles and inconscientiencies 
- Look for contradictions 

Question 2 - 

12 mintues writing 5 mintues reading
-Linking the headline and image to the text
-Be perceptive (make a comment that not everyone will make 
-Avoid the obvious (if you can find other/better points)
-Focus on very small details and develop them. 

Question 3 - 

12 mintues writing 5 mintues reading
- Thoughts and Feelings
- Don't paraphrase 
- Create adjectiives that describe the thought/feeling and explain using a quote 
- Write the adjective you think of by the paragraphy when you are making your annotations by the source.
- Commment on language features that back up the feeling/ thought you have given. 

Question 4 - 

24 mintues writing 5 mintues reading


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