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English Language
AQA…read more

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How the exam is laid out...
Section A 1 hour & 15 minutes
Information Retrieval- 15 minutes
8 marks
Presentation- 15 minutes
8 marks
Inference- 15 minutes (P.E.E)
8 marks
Language & Comparison- 30 minutes (P.E.E)
16 marks
40 marks in total…read more

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How the exam is laid out...
Section B 1 hour
Short task-25 minutes
Inform, explain or describe
16 marks
Long task-35 minutes
Argue or persuade
24 marks
40 marks in total
Plan both your answers to set out your work & it'll set a good
impression of you to the examiner…read more

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Section A
Information Retrieval
For this section you basically just
have to pick out information with
out analysing it
You don't need to use P.E.E for
this section
It's worth 8 marks, so find 4-6
things to say about it using
Highlight the words you would
like to use in your work
Here is an exam style question...
What according to the articles are
ways in which you can save
money?…read more

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Here's a mark scheme of what the examiner
Section A is looking for...
5-6 marks
Presentation . Evidence that the presentational devices
are fully understood
. Detailed interpretations & comments
. Links to the picture with perceptive
For this section you will
3-4 marks
get an
. Clear evidence that the presentational
advertisement/poster/leafl devices are understood
et etc & will need to . Offers interpretations of presentational
describe the effect it has devices
on the reader . Links to the pictures with relevant
Highlight the bits that 1-2 marks
stand out to you .Some evidence that the presentational
devices are understood
You will need to know the .Attempt to interpret the presentational
right names for terms, devices…read more

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Title Sub title Headline Sub headline
A descriptive A shorter A device to label A device
heading given to heading given to key information alongside a
a stretch of text a sub divide a within a text headline to sub
stretch of text divide key info
within a text
Banner Images Graphs Columns
A long horizontal A main picture Information A vertical
section which which adds presented in a method of
stretches from meaning to the visual way arranging texts
one side to the text
Font Bullets Symbols Logo
The typeface Typographical A marks used as A phrase used to
which is used for symbols used to a conventional represent a
varying effects introduce items representation company
in a list or in a of an object,
structured way function or
process…read more

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