Energy and exercise

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GCSE PE Revision - Energy and Exercise

The following nutrients can all be used for energy:


The energy value of all foods are measured in either Kilojoules (KJ) or Kilocalories (Kcal - usually just called calories!). The amount of energy we need every day depends on a number of factors:

BMR - Basal Metabolic Rate - this is the amount of energy our bodies need just to stay alive
Lifestyle - Those with a job involving sitting down won't need as much energy as those who move about all day
Exercise - If you exercise regularly you will need more calories
Age - Growing children and teenagers need more food than most adults!
Size - The bigger you are the more food you will need
Sex - Men usually need more food than women (even if they are the same size)
Altogether, the amount of food you need can be shown by this equation:

Total energy = BMR + Energy needs for work/sport etc

Weight Management

Eating too much or too little can have serious effects on your health and fitness. If…


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