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Oxygen + Glucose -> water + carbon dioxide + energy.
effect of exercise on heart rate is that when you begin exercising, the rate at which the heart beats
per minute greatly increases. On this graph it peaks at 160 beats per minute. This happens because
the muscles require more glucose and oxygen when exercising, so the heart rate increases to pump
more blood that contains glucose and oxygen around the body to all the muscles.
The effect of exercise on the breathing rate is that once exercise has begun is that it increases. This is
because the muscles when exercising need more glucose and oxygen, so when we breathe faster,
we breath in more air, and the oxygen from it is diffused during respiration.
Exercise means that the arteries have to work much harder as they have to pump blood around the
body at a much faster rate.
Glycogen is just a word for the long chains of glucose molecules.


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