Elizabeth I

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Es Image

Showed off her achievements, Travelled around meeting people, Maintained image, Behaved appropriately, No marrage stayed strong, made useful relationships, made sure she looked good in her portraits.

Middle Way

The middle way is a way to deal with C extremists and P extremists. Elizabeth would punish both sets to show that she wasn't biased. She still made P the main religion of England but still kept some Catholic ideas involved with it.



Cut off hands and ears


Fine them if they didnt go to church

Hang priests if they tried to convert people to Catholicism

Spanish Armada

Phillip sent the Armada because she made England a protestant country, she helped spains enemies, she executed Marry Queen of Scots she was a catholic queen, English sea captains were attacking and stealing treasure from spanish ships and she wouldn't marry him.

12th July…


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