Charles I

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  • Why Did Parliament and The King Go To War?
    • Money
      • No money was given to the king for rebellions in Scotland.
      • Forced loans not paid back
      • King wasted money
      • Fines and ship money
    • Religion
      • Charles was drifting towards Catholicism
      • Charles supported ulster Catholic rebels
      • Charles married French Catholic princess
      • Archbishop Laud made changes in Puritan churches
    • Power
      • Rich traders and landowners became mps
      • King's Chief advisors were removed
      • Parliament tried to take away Charles' power
      • Charles tried to arrest 5 Mps
      • Charles' believed in the Divine Rights
      • Charles' cancelled Parliament for 11 years
      • Charles' was compared to the great Queen Elizabeth
      • Parliament expected to be included


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