AS Chemistry Definitions OCR B

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Homologous series – series having the same functional group and general formula

Saturated – single bonds

Unsaturated – double bonds

Skeletal – shows only C skeleton

Structural Isomer – same molecular formula, different arrangement of atoms

Stereo isomer - same molecular formula, different spatial arrangement of atoms

Homolytic fission – bond breaking where one e- from the bond goes to each atom forming radicals

Heterolytic fission – bond breaking where both electrons in the bond go to one atom forming ions

Free radical – species with unpaired e-

Nucleophile – donates a pair of e- to a S+ carbon forming a covalent bond

Electrophile – accepts a pair of e- from e- rich centre to form a covalent bond.

Addition reaction – reactant being added to an unsaturated molecule

Substitution reaction – where an atom or group is replaced with another atom or group in s…


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