Edexcel AS Psychology - Psychodynamic Approach - Methodology - Research Methods

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Slip of the Tongue

Freud was interested in occasions when clients said one word and meant another. The usual example is when in biology people say '******' instead of 'organism'. Imagine someone talking to their boyfriend or girlfriend and calling him or her by their last partner's name. Also if you forget your mother's birthday.

Freud was also interested when we become absent minded and he thought we forget about things we don't want to do. This motivated forgetting not accidental forgetting.


  • You can make simple mistakes without revealing any unconscious emotions.
  • There are many other explanations given for forgetting besides being motivated; you may forget a birthday because you've had other things on your mind.

Free Association

This involves the client saying anything that enters their mind, no matter what it is. Freud…


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