The Wild Swans and the Coole

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  • The Wild Swans
    • in their autumn beauty-represent change around yeats and in his life.
      • autumn coming to the end of the natural cycle
        • yeats is comming nearer  to the end of his natural cycle-death awaits.
          • pathetic fallacy
    • brimming water among stones
      • the cycle, flowing and  fluidity of water rep. the life cycle.
        • difficulties he had faced throughout his life
          • comes to an end.
      • easter 1916
        • idea of being suppressed by something
    • brilliant cretures
      • envois of swans?
    • poem written in 1st person- yeats perspective
    • tempo is slow- rep how slow the life has become
    • s&w sound- soothing, relaxing, imitates sound of water
    • change, old, age, isolation


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