Duke of Somerset

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Duke of Somerset:


  • Edward Seymour, Duke of Somerset was made Lord Protector by the council on the 4th Feb 1547 regardless of Henry VIII's wish for a regency council with 16 chosen members laid out in his will.
  • Treason Act- He repealed the old heresy laws allowing much greater freedom of speech.
  • Vagrancy Act- Ordered local councils to provide housing and collections for needy persons who were not vagabonds - however vagrants had to branded with a 'V' and sold into slavery for 2 years.
  • He delayed calling parliement until November '47.
  • The naval blockade of the Firth of Forth failed and Mary Stuart escaped to France.
  • Chantries Act- was meant to help fund new schools however most of the money went to help fund the Scottish campaigns.
  • September 1547 Somerset invaded Scotland and won the battle of Pinkie
  • The Scottish campaigns were damaging to the economy as England couldn't afford


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