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  • Richard Nixon became president in January 1969 and was a renowned opponent against communism
  • but he was also a realist and felt that the cold war was draining the US resources
  • he believed that the USA should seek a more stable relationship with the Soviet Union
  • he sought detente for the following reasons;
    - US leaders wanted to end the Vietnam war. They hoped improved relations would result in a decreased Soviet support for communism in north vietnam
  • the US economy was beginning to stagnate. US leaders wanted to reduce defence spending in order to promote economic growth through trade with the USSR


  • the summit of 1972 was ine of the first successes of detente with;
    SALT 1 - ABM Treaty, Interim and Basic Principles
  • Basic Principles set out 12 basic principles designed to govern superpower relations. For example, both sides agreed to respect each other as equals
  • the Moscow Summit was significant as it showed the leaders were committed to working together


  • Ostpolitik - was developed by Willy Brandt to improve relationships between NATO and Warsaw Pact countries
  • the origins of this was to reunite Germany
  • the eas European countries welcomed Ostpolitik for two reasons;
    - would improve trade realtions with the west
    - would give them…


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