motivations for detente

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  • Motivations for Detente
    • USA
      • lost their authority after vietnam
        • needed detente to establish their credentials
      • economy was badly hit after the Vietnam war
        • economies of W.Germany and Japan were expanding at the expense of US economy
      • needed communist help to pull out of vietnam with honour
      • put human rights on the agenda
    • USSR
      • economy was stagnating
        • so they needed to reduce their spending on nuclear weapons
      • needed to trade with west, particularly in grain
      • US acceptence of soviet achieving nuclear parity
    • Europe
      • after Treaty of Rome 1957, this area was much more independent
      • france wanted detentes so that they could undermine the superpowers influence in Europe
        • european states gain their independence
      • Willy Brandt wanted to achieve German reunification
    • China
      • sought a relationship with USA because they needed Western scientific technological and financial aid


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