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Describe and evaluate the theory's relating to the formation and maintenance of relationships
(24 marks)

A number of theories have looked at how romantic relationships are formed, as well as why
individuals persist in relationships. Byrne and Clore (1970) are one of many psychologists who have
looked at why relationships…

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relationships and gaining experience from them may mean they will be less likely to only look at
physical attractiveness but will look beyond that. This means for those types of people, physical
attractiveness may not be such an important factor and so their results may differ (e.g. they may not…

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simply because they had invested a high amount into it and there were low economic alternatives.
The investment model has also been supported by numerous other studies. Le and Agnew (2003)
highlighted the model's relevance for participants from different ethnic groups and both homosexual
and heterosexual relationships. However, the relative…




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