Descartes Meditations – Module 3 – AQA

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Descartes Meditations – Module 3 – AQA


Meditation I – Things which can be called into Doubt


  • Descartes rejects all his beliefs about the external world because they are doubtful and he wants to find a foundation that is indubitable to fix his beliefs on
  • His arguments for universal doubt
    • Senses can be deceived
      • Perception / Bent Stick / Mirages
    • Dreaming
      • It is possible we are dreaming right now
    • Evil Demon (or God)
      • Could be systematically deceiving us, even doubtful about the truth 2+3=5, as he could be tricking us there.


Critical Analysis of Descartes Method


  • Is immunity from doubt a criterion for knowledge?
    • Surely this just leads to the inevitability of scepticism and if you set the bar too high, we will find out nothing.
    • It could be also argued that global


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