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Is God a psychological or
sociological construct?
Ludwig Feuerbach
Karl Marx
Emile Durkheim…read more

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"God" as a sign of alienation
In "The essence of God is not superior but
Christianity", Feuerbach emerges from man and
develops his idea of the religious dogmas or acts
anthropological essence of that create mystery and
religion ie the concept of superstition result in
God as a father figure alienation.
Or law giver. We are separated from our
true identity/essence by
projecting this attribute into
a God who is separate and
different from humanity.…read more

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God as a psychological need
Our ancestors found
security in an often
dangerous and violent
world by creating the Compare this with the
concept of God. Buddha's philosophy
Even today in moments of which encouraged people
crisis people become to accept what cannot be
more religious and take changed and their fear of
solace in religious rituals the unknown through
or prayer. meditation.…read more

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The idea of God as a social construct
An alternative view is that Norms in society; accepted ways of
the idea of God derives
Proletariat; a Marxist term for the
nor from within us but working classes
from without or God Solidarity; a sense of togetherness
exists due to the and shared experience, be it in
relation to a socio-economic class,
conditions and norms of national group or some other body
society. Status quo; the maintenance of the
current social, economic and political
Marx and Durkheim offer balance.
social rather than Altruism; the good of others is an
psychological explanations end in itself and does not benefit me…read more

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Religion as an instrument of the ruling
· It creates a veil of illusion
over reality
· Despite claiming to be
· Human history has been a altruistic, religious leaders
struggle between classes live well and enjoy high
· Wealthy versus proletariat status in society
· Religion offers solidarity · This is hypocritical
· Religion protects the status
quo and the ruling classes…read more

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Religion as an image of the norms of
· Studied religious behaviour in
primitive societies
· Simple gods worshipped by
Australian aborigines are
expressions of their own
concepts of society
· Religion is an expression of
society/community · But is there really a "group
· It is an expression of our mind"?
collective consciousness · What about the
· As society develops so do our significance of a personal
complex ideas about God faith in God/Gods?…read more


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