Depth Study-Germany, Control by propaganda (1918-1945)

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Appart from terror, propaganda had been another way that Hitler managed to control and censor peoples thoughts. The man in charge of this had been Josef Goebbels, who was head of the ministry of Propaganda.

During the Nazi regime this included :

  • Newspapers that contained anti-Nazi ideas or were written by authors HItler disproved of had been banned under the Regime. This included newspapers by Jews and communists that had anti Nazi ideas in it. All newspaperd published, were often told what to write and what angle to take by the ministry of propaganda.
  • Mass Rallies- Before the Nazis had got into power, the rallies had already excisted. Goebbels, however, expanded these rallies into mass rallies that took place every year in Neuremberg.These were stage managed with 32,000 flags around the stadium, 150 grand torchlights and Nazi SA marches showing law and order. This was a very dramatic event for many people where they felt overwhelmen by the power and unity of the nation.
  • Books- From 1934 onwards Hitler…


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