Depth Study-Germany, Hitlers road to chancellor (1918-1945)

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The Nazi Party had managed to become the most popular German political party by March 1932 election due to many varied factors which can be split up into two groups.

Own actions:

1) Hitler was a very good pulbic speaker. He managed to persuade many people that he is the man that can save Germany's economy from depression. Many found that Hitlers speeches targeted and undestood them on an emotional level.

2) Hitler had made promises that appealed to a large number of people. He targeted his aims at areas that people found important at the time such as the abolition of the Treaty of Versailles, Rearming Germany, Improving her economy and making her a powerful nation again. If the party found that a particular rule was unpopular they would simly drop it.

3) The party had very good organisation. Most of the money came from ordinary members through donations and charges to attend meetings. The party also organised shelters for the poor and soup kitchend for the unemplyed. The SA had also come of as an organisation that symbolised law and order with their uniform…


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