Defying Gravity Notes


Melody dominated homophony throughout - melody has interest with everything else accompanying it.

b.1 - 7
Starts off with colla voce- singer dictates the speed.
Ambiguous tonality moving down chromatically
Chromatic shifts in both harmony and melody - unsettled mood
Free tempo
Recitative to begin with - (story being told)
Dramatic stabs from the orchestra- matches anger of characters
“Hurt your cause forever, I hope you think you’re clever” is a sequence
B.8 - 19
Guitar with overdrive comes in at b.11 - angry edge to sound
Chords go from stabs to being held
“I hope your happy too” and “ I hope you’re proud how you” - similar, same notes (but decorated, lots of flats) but different rhythm
Both sing together and guitar with Ebow comes in in B.15

Transition: b.20-31
Andante brings sense of metre and pulse after free time of intro but still some rubato
B major key for 2 bars then to F major - up a flattened fifth/tritone
Harmony contains sus chords eg bar 20 and 22…


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