Defying Gravity - GCSE Edexcel 2018

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  • Defying gravity
    • Melody
      • Mainly diatonic and often conjunct with some leaps
      • Made up of motifs (see other notes) derived from the same material
      • Often moves with the words rising on 'leap' and descending on 'ground
    • Rhythm
      • Frequent changes between long and short duration rhythms to show change in mood
      • Ostinato pattern under 'it's time to try defying gravity'
      • Cross rhythms
    • Meter and Tempo
      • Frequent changes 3/2,2/2,3/4,4/4
      • Opening is free tempo to reflect uncertainty
    • Sonority
      • Large pit orchestra (synthesizers, piano/keyboard, harp, guitar, bass, brass, strings, woodwind, percussion
    • Texture
      • Mainly homophonic
      • Vocal melody stands out over orchestra
      • Polyphonic towards the end between elphaba and glinda to reflect their change in lifestyle
      • Orchestra fill spaces between vocal lines
    • Harmony
      • Dissonance for drama
      • suspended chords
      • Tonal ambiguity with missing 3rds
    • Structure
      • Intro, Interlude 1, Verse 1, Chorus 1, Verse 2, Interlude 2 (bridge), Chorus 3, Intro, Verse 3, Chorus 4, Coda
    • Tonality
      • Unclear at beginning
      • D major opening Glinda and Db opening Elphaba
      • Dont Flatten Bees For dinner. Get Crisps and Drink Coke Daily
      • Major throughoout with unrelated modulations


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