Dealing With Criminals

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Dealing With Offenders

Power of Police

  • They Arrest / Restrain People
  • They Confiscate things
  • Bring People in for Question
  • They can enter propety with a warrant
  • Pull over in a vehicle
  • Stop and Search People
  • Break bad news to parents/family
  • Reasurring community/victims
  • First Aid
  • Giving Evidence in Court
  • Dealing with criminals in Custody
  • Using Firearms
  • Road Traffic
  • Preventing Crime

The Judiciary (Judges)

The Police are 'Gatekeepers'; They decide when acts should be classified as criminal or not. 

The Courts decide if the person is guily or not.

The British Judiciary System would not work without Criminals Pleading Guilty. 

If the criminal if convicted they may be sentenced to a jail time. 

Judicial Discreation

The Judicial Discration defines how…


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