Dancing at Lughnasa, Maggie Mundy: A character study

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Maggie Mundy: A character study
-Like Kate, Maggie is a character whose chosen public image does not tell the whole story
-her dress, apart from the practicality, seems about as far away from femininity as possible.
-In his first monologue, Michael establishes the joker status of Maggie within the family, and thus it becomes clear that Freil has created Maggie as a character to provide comic relief to the somber often melancholic tone of the play
-there is often a sense of bathos evoked from the audience, much of this from Maggie’s joking
-however, upon closer examination of her contributions within the play, it becomes clear that, like Kate, there is a profound significant that Maggie’s character belies
-Maggies teasing with Michael emulates that of a sibling, in contrast to Kates affection. Maggie makes a significant impact on Michaels development, through the relation to him on an intimate level, but in a wholly unsentimental manner
-it is Maggie


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