New Hollywood/Classic Hollywood

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  • Classic Hollywood
    • Uses of Cross-cutting between locations, like the flashbacks in Vertigo.
    • Many establishing shots and master shots, very few close-ups.
    • Synchronous sound: foley effects create realism.
    • Dramatic store to heighten emotion.
    • Linear cause and effect; time is chronological and uniform.
    • Composition: characters in centre of frame, clear to spectator.
  • New Hollywood
    • Lots of jump cuts, lot less continuity.
    • New style of camera distance, experiments with zooming, more close-ups.
    • Asynchronous sound design and music.
    • Explicit language/sex/violence.
    • Anti-heroes - morally ambiguous.
    • Anti-heroes. Bonnie and Clyde were criminals, but still the protagonists.
    • Traditional values challenged.
    • Critical of authority. Police being seen as the bad guys.


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