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  • Vertigo
    • Critical Debates
      • A film about film: identification/ obsession/ misrecognition
      • A film about film: the gendered look, the female object
      • The significance of this as Hitchcock film
      • Reoccurring motifs and the possible symbolic patterning of the film
      • Interpreting the Madeline/Judy spilt
      • The spectator relationship to Scottie as the films develops
      • The use of locations
      • The success of otherwise of the film as thriller
      • Difficulties in taking the film seriously from a narrative realist perspective and problems of audience response that result from this
      • The film's canonical state
      • The films critical reception
    • Critical approaches
      • Auteur Theory
      • Narrative theory
      • Genre Theory
      • Feminism
      • Psychoanalysis
      • Representation theory: Hegemony/  Marxism/pluralism
    • Themes and Motifs and symbols
      • Themes
        • Death as both attractive and frightening
        • The impenetrable nature of appearances (relates to fantasy versus  reality)
        • The folly of Romantic delusion
      • Motifs
        • Power and Freedom
        • Tunnels and Corridors
        • Bouquets of Flowers
        • Spirals
      • Symbols
        • Sequoia Trees
        • Green


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