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  • religion and life COMMUNITY COHESION racial harmony
    • government promotion
      • race relations act-1976 made discrimiation against race illegal
      • government hired MPs from ethnic backgrounds
      • In america Barak O'bama was the first black president
    • importance of community cohesion
      • groups would argue which could lead to violence on a large scale
      • our children would grow up in a world of dispute
    • why do Christians promote racial harmony?
      • bible said God created everyone in his image so there is no superior race
      • good Samaritan told us to help whoever is in need regardless of race
      • st paul said everyone is equal in the eyes of God
    • why do muslims premote racial harmony?
      • Muhammads first prayer caller was a black african
      • muhammad said everyone is brothers- you do not turn back on brothers
      • The ummah is made of all races who all support the same god colour does not change this


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