Clinical Characteristics of OCD

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Obsessive- compulsive disorder is a mental illness that is identified by intrusive thoughts known as obsessions and a need to perform ritualistic behaviour known as compulsions. Intense anxiety results when these behaviours are suppressed. These thoughts and rituals are so prominent and intrusive that it prevents an individual from effectively functioning in their day to day life. 

Obsessions are recurrent and intrusive thoughts, images, beliefs and impulses that we do not intend to enter our mind but we can't remove them.The subject of such obsessions vary depending on the individual experiencing them, however, there are common categories that many people could class their obsessions falling in:

  • Germs/contamination
  • aggression
  • orderliness
  • illness
  • sex
  • religion. 

Obsessions also take various forms: 

  • Obsessional thoughts- repetitive words or phrases that an individual finds distressing. 
  • Ruminations- these are endless debates an individual has with themselves that they are constantly reviewing even for very simple actions. Other ruminations can focus on events that are completely out of one's control. 
  • Doubts- repeated worrying about certain things that may or may not have been carried out.
  • Impulses- individuals can have a sudden…


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