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OCD- An anxiety disorder characterized by intrusive and uncontrollable thoughts which often result in the need to repeat a certain action several times because of a clinical obsession.



  • Persistent and reoccurring thoughts; such as cleaning surfaces many times due to the fear of contaminating germs
  • Selective attention (focusing on one certain stimulus which disrupts the focus of simultaneous stimuli)


  • Anxiety and extreme stress 
  • Often occurrence of depression due to forbidden thoughts results in low mood and loss of interest in everyday activities because they result in the disrupting of repetitive compulsions.


  • Compulsions are repetitive in nature and sufferers will often feel urged to repeat a certain behaviour such as washing hands.
  • Compulsions are used to manage or reduce anxiety such as excessive hand washing to reduce germs or bacteria

The Biological Explanation of OCD:

Genetic Explanations-

COMT Gene- Associated with the production of catechol-O-methyltransferase, which regulates the neurotransmitter dopamine that has been implicated in OCD. The form of the COMT gene has been found to be more common in OCD patients than in regular people. The variation tends to produce lower activity of the COMT gene and higher levels of dopamine.

SERT Gene-Affects the transportation


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