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Privately educated

Enjoy high culture

Highets earners

6% of population

Average age- 57

97% own their own home.

Established middle class

24% of population

Average age 47

People in this group enjoy a diverse range of cultural activities

Many work in management or the traditional professions

Most come from middle class backgrounds

They often live outside urban areas

Technical middle class

6% of population

Average age 56

People in this group tend to mix socially with people similar to themselves

They prefer emerging culture, such as using social media, to highbrow culture such as listening to classical music

Many people in this group work in research, science and technical occupations

They tend to live in suburban locations, often in the south east of England

They come from largely middle class backgrounds

Affluent workers



economically secure, without being well off

These people have high scores for emerging culture, such as…


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