CLASH OF IDEOLOGIES - Run through of each leader

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Lenin 1917-1922

  • 1917 Signs Armistice with Germany as he regards the war as a "conflict between monopoly capitalists" that could only be won by "having peace without annexations" The war is also costing Russia a lot of money when they already have a struggling economy. Leaving the war not only saves them money but also gives the Bolsheviks more time to focus on their aim of World Revolution, persuing their ideology.
  • 1918 Treaty of Brest-Litvosk is signed to formally end the war. Civil War also begins in Russia between the Reds (the Bolsheviks) and the Whites (opposition). Lenin sparked this Civil War in order to gain a high position in the Russian government meaning he would then have more power which would aid him in spreading his ideology further. This also allowed the Bolsheviks to get rid of any opposition, securing their powerful position. Seen as an agressive approach to establish Bolsheviks. Fleming describes the Civil War as, "The seed from which the Cold War grew." meaning that this was the beginning of Russia's problems.
  • Once in power Lenin wanted to cancel all foreign debts of Russia as he believed that they shouldn't be paying the Capitalist Countries money, especially when they can't even afford it. Pursues his ideology and also is thinking about the economy.
  • 1919 Lenin sets up the Comintern to help spread his ideology, achieveing his aim of World Revolution. Trotsky states, "Either Russia starts a revolution in Europe or the European powers will destroy the Russian Rveolution." This obviously scares Lenin and so he begins to hold uprisings.
  • 1920 Red Army marches into Poland (Russo-Polish War) expecting an uprising to take place but Polish people have no interest and so the agressive uprising fails. This along with many other failed uprisings (Spartacists in Berlin, Soviet Republic in Bavaria and Hungarian Revolution) makes Lenin realise that World Revolution is no longer a possible aim of the Bolsheviks.


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