Circulation/Artificial Aids

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Circulation Aids

Artificial Blood:

  • Is used when someone loses alot of blood - replaces the volume
  • Dont have to match the patients blood type - can be widly used
  • Artifical blood products contain sugars and proteins which may have been lost

Types of artifical blood products:

  • Saline - replaces the volume of blood, safe, keeps people alive  even if they lose 2/3 of their blood cells
  • Encapsulated haemoglobin
  • Volume Expanders

Artificial Hearts:

  • These are mechinacal which are put into the patient to pump blood if their heart fails
  • Normally a temporary fix until a donor heart can be found
  • Sometimes is a permanent fix which reduces the need for donor hearts
  • They are not rejected by the body
  • But surgury to fit it can lead to bleeding and infections
  • They also dont work as…


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