Circulation Aids

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  • Circulation Aids
    • Artificial blood
      • Blood substitute
      • Plasma/saline
        • Used to replace lost blood. Plasma carries dissolved oxygen
        • Saline does not carry oxygen or food
        • Safe is no air bubbles get in
        • Can keep people alive and give them time to produce new blood cells
      • Perfluorocarbons (PFCs)
        • Non - reactive chemicals that can carry dissolved gases around your body
        • Do not contain cells, can carry O2 into most swollen tissues of damaged body
        • Do not dissolve in water so getting htem into blood is difficult
        • Do not carry as much O2 as real blood so large amounts needed
        • Side effects
      • Haemoglobin - based products
        • Carries more O2 than normal blood, no red blood cells
        • Does not always need to be kept in the fridge
        • Still being developed
    • Artificial hearts
      • Temporary hearts until donor found
      • Mechanical devices that are put into a person to pump blood if their own heart fails
      • ADV - not rejected as made from metals and plastics
      • DIS - surgery to fit can lead to bleeding/infection
        • Don't work as well as healthy ones as could wear out or fail
        • Blood does not flow as easily - cause blood clots - strokes
        • Patient has to take drugs to thin blood
    • Heart valves
      • Can be replaced with mechanical valves
      • Surgery - problems with blood clots
    • Stents
      • Coronary heart disease when arteries that supply blood to muscle of heart get blocked by fatty deposits
      • Become narrow, blood flow restricted = heart attack
      • Metal mesh placed in artery
      • Keep arteries open, lower risk of heart disease
      • Artery can narrow again over time - irritate artery and make scar tissue grow
      • Patient has to take drugs to stop blood clotting


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