Circulation Aids

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  • Artificial blood
  • Artificial hearts and valves
  • Stents (and CHD)
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  • Circulation Aids
    • Artificial Blood
      • Blood Substitute
        • E.g: Saline (salt solution)
      • Used to replace lost volume of blood
        • In emergencis
      • Keeps people alive
        • Even if they lose 2/3 of their red blood cells
        • Providdes time in which the body can produce new red blood cells
      • Alternatives include blood transfusions.
    • Artificial Parts (The Heart)
      • Mechanical devices
        • Pump blood around the body
      • Hearts
        • Temporary
          • Used to keep people alive until a donor heart can be used
          • Sometimes used in severe cases as permanent fixes.
        • Don't get rejected by the body
          • Made from metal and plastic
        • Surgery is needed to install teh heart
          • Can lead to infection and bleeding
        • Don't work as well as living hearts
          • The heart can wear out and the motor could fail
          • Blood doesn't flow through the heart as smoothly
            • Causes blood clots
              • Patients have to take blood thinning drugs
    • Stents
      • CHD (coronary heart disease)
        • Blocked arteries
          • From fatty deposits
        • Causes heart Attacks
      • Tubes inserted inside arteries
        • keeps arteries open
          • Allows blood to pass through and into the heart
      • Lower the risk of heart attacks for people with chd
      • The stents can narrow after time
      • They can cause irritation and scarring on the rartery wals
      • Patients need to take drugs to prevent blood clots
  • CHD (coronary heart disease)
    • Blocked arteries
      • From fatty deposits
    • Causes heart Attacks


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