Churchill and Imperial and Foreign Policy 1930 to 1939

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Chuchill's view on India and the Empire


- Lord Irwin (later Halifax + Viceroy of India) proposed Round Table Conference - Dominion status for India (like Australia etc.)

- Churchill disagreed strongly with Irwin and most of Conservative party + Government of India Act (1935)

- called Mahatma Ghandi a "half-naked fakhi" and opposed his nationalist ideas.

- Churchill was part of the Indian Empire Society - reactionary imperialist organization to stop reform + he founded India Defence League.

- Against self-government during war - needed Indian troops - Churchill tightened control.

- Cripps Mission

- Set up by Clement Attlee (deputy from 1942) to bring about more government in India but failed

- Bengal Famine

- claimed three million lives 1942-43

- Churchill's government accused of failing to send enough relief.

Abdication Crisis:

- Edward VIII wanted to marry Wallis Simpson (divorced) - against public opinion (apart from Churchill and a few others who supported his right to marry)

- Churchill tried to raise issue in Commons - was howled down - people didn't want to see a private matter discussed publicly (Churchill didn't see this)


- Seen by most as a reactionary, eccentric old man

- damaged reputation due to return to gold

- his Free Trade Policy was replaced by a policy of Protection

- wartime misjugdements (eg Gallipoli) were still held against him.

Churchill's attitudes towards rearmament and appeasement:


- Churchill thought that Baldwin permitted German naval expansion and didn't care about rearmament

- Churchill thought Hitler should not have been allowed to re-militerise the Rhineland…


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