Christian practices

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Christian practices


To recognise someone: important, value or worth

Christians are monotheists, meaning they one worship one god

Types of worship

  • Liturgical - a set prayer
  • non-liturgical - not following a set prayer
  • private - praying done alone 
  • informal - Worshipping at any time, any place

Protestants believe in non-liturgic worship so they don't follow scripture

Catholics believe in liturgical worship, so they follow set scriptures


communicating with God silently or through words of praise, thanks, confession or request.

informal prayer - prayer that is made up

set prayer - prayer that has been written down

Lord's prayer  - a prayer taught by Jesuses disciples.

Types of prayer 

  • Adoration - Praising - praising God for creating everything 
  • Supplication - Asking - asking for safety on a flight, or for food.
  • Thank giving - Thanking - Thanking God for something he has given them.
  • Confession - apologising - apologising for the sins you have done

Lords prayer

  • A set prayer in the bible
  • Jesus said literally say the prayer
  • Protestants use it as it comes from the bible as scripture
  • Catholics believe it as it comes from the bible
  • Can be used in private and group worship.

The sacraments

holy ritual practices by Christians, an outward sign of inward grace

Grace - God's gift of forgiveness


Infant baptism (As a baby)

Who: Church of England, Catholic and protestants 


  • part of the church from an early age
  • cleared of original sin


  • The infant may not believe it when he/she is older

Adult baptism (Age 5+)

Who: Church of England and protestants 


  • They…


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