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Marriage and Realtionships

Types of Love

Philia-is the type of love in the Bible that most Christians practice toward each other

'Storge ' love between a family

‘Agape’ is the love that Jesus showed to other people when he gave his life for them

'Eros' sexual love

Christain views on sex: Christians are often encouraged to love one another in a non-sexual wayChristian teaching is generally that sexual intercourse is wrong unless it happens within a marriage. God intended men and women to live together as married couples but not to live together outside marriage

He also says that for some people it is better to be celibate than to marry.

Homosexuality; As well as saying that sexual relationships should only take place within marriage, Christian teaching is traditionally opposed to homosexuality:Despite this teaching, a growing number of Christians today accept that for some people homosexual relationships are not going against God’s wishes.

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