Child Language Acquisition

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Child Language Acquisition:


Questions for analysis;


·        Which words appear and how do these words relate to the childs world?

·        How many classes appear?

·        Which are used?


·        What do the words mean?

·        Does the child have a grasp of the words meaning?

·        Correct labelling of nouns?


·        Are the words in the correct adult order?

·        How are suffixes used?

·        Are there patterns?


·        Does the child make sounds that reflect the speech of adults?

·        Does the child understand forms of communication?

·        How co-operative is the child?



 Speech Development:


Prosodic features:

·        Stress

·        Intonation

·        Tempo

·        Rhythm

·        Intonation

Manner of articulation:

·        Stop consonants; B,P,D,T block the airflow when spoken

·        Fricative consonants: V,F,Z,S airflow partially blocked.


·        Voiced: vocal chords vibrate when pronounced producing a buzzing sound like zip, dug, van and but

·        Voiceless: made without a vocal chord vibration producing a whispering sound


·        Where children drop the harder sound or the final consonant in early speech


Phonological development:

Stopping process:

·        Replacing a consonant that is produced with a continuous flow ‘s’,’z’,’sh’,’th’ that is produced by completely cutting off the flow.

Gliding process:

·        Repacing the L or R with a Y or W

·        Like ‘dry’ is ‘dwy’


·        Replacing a nasal m/n with a b/d



·        Replaces a consonant by a sound that is made more toward the front of the mouth

·        Th=f

·        Sh=s



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