Child Language Acquisition: Main theorists

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  • Child language Acquisition
    • Behaviourism
      • Skinner
        • Language is acquired by imitating others
        • Positive and negative reinforcement
    • Nativism
      • Chomsky
        • Humans are born with a Language Acquisition Device, which is pre-programmed with all grammatical features.
      • Lenneberg
        • The LAD has a limited time frame.
          • As evidenced by Genie
    • Interactionist theory
      • Bruner
        • Humans learn from their social environment
      • Vygotsky
        • Zone of proximal development
          • Children learn with a skilled partner who acts as an intellectual scaffolding
    • Cognitive Theory
      • Piaget
        • A child has to understand the concept behind lexemes to learn them
        • Children grow out of egocentric speech


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