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  • 3-4 years old usally have one friend that last 6 months
  • 7 years old usually has 4 friends
  • 12 year old usually has 7 friends

always of the same sex and same charecteristics

Selmann and Jaquette 

aim: to invetsigate oppinions about friendshipd

method: 225 aged between 4-32 were interviewed about friendships

results: - 3-7: playing togther

   - 4-9 giving help without reciprocity

   - 6-12 focus of reciprocity

  9-15 intimacy and sharing

-12 to adult ineterdependance but also autonomany of each person

conclusion - with age the nature of friendship changes.

evaluation - interviews with children may not have been accurate.

Bigelow and lagaipa stages of f riendship(based on an essay written about their best…


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