Childhood experiences on adult relationships essay

This is an essay I wrote that has everything you need to know on how childhood experiences effect adult relationships. This is an A grade essay but goes into more detail than is necessary for the actual exam. Hope its useful.

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Chloe Derby 13AGO

Discuss the influence of childhood experiences on adult relationships (24 marks)

Adult relationships are not just influenced by biological or inherited factors. Upbringing,
socialisation and childhood also play an important part in later adult relationships. Attachment is the
emotional tie between two people that is shown in…

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Chloe Derby 13AGO

Attachment theory helps to explain continuities between early attachment and later
friendships and relationships. This explanation can be seen as deterministic as it assumes that early
relationship experiences cause later experiences. Other factors such as life events can influence later
relationships, making the link probabilistic rather than…


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