chemistry unit 2 AQA

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delta H is the heat energy transferred in a reaction at constant pressure the units of this are kj mol-1

a good way of remembering exo and endo reactions is exo releases heat so the value will be negative for the enthalpy change whereas endothermic takes heat in so the value will be positive for the enthalpy change. ;D

reactions are all about breaking bonds and forming new ones just think of loosing a…


wajid hussain

hope that helped everyone il be adding futher revision notes up soon :)


Thanks, i get confused between bond enthalpies, Enthalpy of formation, enthalpy of combustion and Hess's Cycle...when do you use what? my teachers so unclear, we've been given such hard homework questions to complete and no-one really understands.


What would be useful is if you could give example questions and then answer them, and explain how you got that answer. Thats only of you can... if you cant dont worry about it, i'm sure your busy with other things..Lol =)

wajid hussain

il try to get some up Anisah :)

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