Chemistry- The Haber Process

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The Haber Process. 

This is the process of making ammonia. 

Here is the word equation for the making of ammonia:

Nitrogen + hydrogen = ammonia, this needs to be learnt. You must also know the symbol equation for this. 

There are three conditions involved in the Haber Process, and these are called compromise conditions. The first condition is that it has to be at 450 degrees celsius. The second is the pressure has to be 200 atmospheres. An Iron catalyst also must be used.

It is important to remember that the iron catalyst has no effect on…




This is amazing, so easy to understand and everything well neatly laid out. My exam's tomorrow so I'm doing a bit of last minute prep and this was so useful!




this is really good...even a lazy-brat like me could understand it...

thanks a lot.... 

@Katherine Hain

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