Chemistry Revision notes

Types of processes:

Crystallation is where you separate a solute solid from a solid . Eg, evaporating off water by heating and seeing crystals form in the containter; all water should be evaportated off. 

Filteration is the technique of filtering and separating substances that are insoluable in a particular solvent from those that are soluble in the solvent.

Chromatography is where compounds in a mixture will dissolve better than in the solvent chosen.

Fractional distillation is the separartion of a mixture into it's compotents parts or fractions.

Electronic structures:



carbon- 2+4=6




potassium + water = potassium hydroxide + hydrogen

Where do you find....

Reactive metals- Group 1 and 2

Non-Metals- Group 3,4,5,6,7  (Boron to altane)

Transition metals- middle part ( scandium to aluminium)

Noble gases-helium to radon

Alkalis and water are softer and more reactive and their melting point decreases and their densities increase.

The transition elements are good conductors of thermal electic energy, hard and strong and have high densities ( Physical) and they are much less reactive (Chemical)


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