Characteristics of Mahayana Buddhism

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Mahayana Buddhists accept one or more of the Mahayana scriptures as the word of the Buddha. The goal for Mahayana Buddhists is to become a bodhisattva (and eventually a Buddha) in order to save others as well as oneself. It is therefore possible that help can be gained from beings further advanced on this path. Some well-known bodhisattvas are Avalokiteshvara, Manjusri, Maitreya, Tara and Kshitigarbha.

The Mahayana universe - or multiverse - is even larger than the cosmology of the Theravada Buddhists

  • There are other world systems, in which may dwell other buddhas than the Shakyamuni Buddha of this world system
  • This relates to the doctrine of the trikayas:  nirmanakaya (physical form), sambhogakaya (spiritual form) and dharmakaya (ultimate


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