Character Notes: Valentine Coverly

Valentine Coverly 

Valentine is a modern day character aged around 25 - 30, and is the older brother of Chloe and Gus Coverly. He is obviously a very intelligent character, and is not very passionate (except about science) or sentimental. He is diametrically opposed to Bernard, who is very literate and bumbling. His importance to the play is to express the mathematical concepts to the audience, for example, when he explains ideas to Hannah, he is at the same time explaining them to the audience. In Scene 4, he uses goldfish in a bowl to simplify the idea of iterated algorithms:

"This year there are x goldfish. Next year there will be y goldfish. Some get born, some get eaten by herons, whatever…What is the manipulation?… It's called an algorithm."

He is also a constant threat to Bernard because he is in possession of scientific proof that suggests Byron did not write the book reviews, as Bernard hopes was the case.

He is quite possibly very arrogant, as is suggested in Scene 5, when he says to Bernard, on the subject of literary research:

"The questions you are asking don't matter, you see. What matters is the calculus. Scientific


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