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main characters of Arcadia studies

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Sara-Beth Cartwright English
Hannah Jarvis:
Hannah Jarvis is a character one would not mess with. In scene 2, whilst
having a conversation with Bernard she says:
HANNAH: Bernard. You did say Bernard, didn't you?
HANNAH: I'm putting my shoes on again.
BERNARD: Oh. You're not going to go out?
HANNAH: No, I'm going to kick you in the balls.
She is a very headstrong character, which relates with the above point.
A very intellectual character.
Neoclassical rather than romantic (Bernard thinks that she is in fact romantic)
A prominent, dominant female character.
Thomasina Coverly:
Extremely intelligent for her age; sometimes out smarts her tutor,
Asks a lot of questions, some considered to be inappropriate. The first line of
the play is "Sepitimus, what is carnal embrace" (carnal embrace meaning
The play uses Thomasina's questions about sex and physics to portray her in
that stage between ignorance and knowledge, innocence and experience.
She is on the border of ignorance. If she knew what sex was she wouldn't
need to ask questions, but if she knew nothing at all, she wouldn't know
there was a question to ask. The more knowledge
The more Thomasina gains, the more she hates its limitations. Geometry is a
particular target of her anger:
THOMASINA: Each week I plot your equations dot for dot, xs against ys in all
manner of algebraical relation, and every week they draw themselves as
commonplace geometry, as if the world of forms were nothing but arcs and
angles. God's truth, Sepitimus, if there is an equation for a curve like a bell,
there must be an equation for one like a bluebell, and if a bluebell, why not a
Bernard Nightingale:
Bernard is a very obnoxious character, and he doesn't hide them to try
and get on Hannah Jarvis' good side.
He is totally unaware of the bad effect he's having on Hannah, shows his
complete self-absorption. He's pretty much incapable of taking other
people's points of view into consideration.
While there may be something positive to be said about single-minded
determination (which seems to be a factor in Bernard's initial success in
researching Byron), it also almost earns him a kick in the balls from
Septimus Hodge:

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Sara-Beth Cartwright English
Evidently, he is a very well educated character. We learn that he studied
Maths and Natural Philosophy at Cambridge University.
He isn't your ordinary tutor:
THOMASINA: Septimus, what is carnal embrace?
SEPTIMUS: Carnal embrace is the practice of throwing one's arms around a side of
He is very witty, and quick to answer question. He has an answer to almost
You could consider him to be quiet `racy'. He openly discusses his affairs he
has around Lady Croom's garden.…read more


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